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What is AvaRisk?

Are you a mountain guide, alpinist or do you spend your spare time in the mountains? Than you probably know Werner Munter and his "Reduction method". This method is used to reduce the risk of being caught in an avalanche. Although this method is approved and widely used, it is not easy to use. That's where AvaRisk comes in.

AvaRisk is a software designed for cell phones, smart phones and PDA's, which helps in calculating the risk and speeds up the route planning. Read more (click here) or try it:
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Try it without installation!

Use the free mpowerplayer: Click here (requires java)

Current stable version: AvaRisk 2.1.1

Does AvaRisk works on my phone?

Enter this URL into your cellphone or PDA: http://wap.avarisk.com/test.php (Caution, maybe extra costs!).

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